Proactive services:

The Proactive service of ngCERT  is carried out to help prepare, protect, and secure the Nigerian cyberspace in anticipation of attacks, problems, or events. These services will directly assist ngCERT to reduce the volume of future incidents. The services include:

Technology Watch

ngCERT carry out this service to monitor and observe new technical developments in Information Technology, intruder activities and related  trends to help identify future threats. 

Intrusion Detection Services

ngCERT  monitors  IDS  of  organizations   that host information systems that are considered Critical National Information Infrastructure(CNII) to the Nigerian Government. It also review existing IDS logs and analyse in order to initiate a response for any events that meet ngCERT specified threshold.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessments and  penetration testing is one of ngCERT’s on-demand services, perform to protect  information systems that are considered Critical National Information Infrastructure(CNII) which may be owned by either public or private  sectors of Nigeria. This service is   designed to properly secure such information systems.


Announcements by ngCERT include but not limited to intrusion alerts, vulnerability warnings, and security advisories. Such announcements inform constituents about new developments with medium to long-term impact, such as newly found vulnerabilities or intruder tools.

Security Alert

& Advisory

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